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Many people who come into Ipsento 606 to experience The Radical Larder food menu ask me about the lack of meat options. I started out including a meat option here or there and then switched gears to having a completely vegetarian menu. I can't ignore the environmental impact that meat and animal products have on the world right now, not just on our environment but on the people around us. While it has perpetually been a struggle to go against what society tells us is good for us, I am now leading a plant based lifestyle. What does that mean? I have made moves to cut back on my animal, dairy and egg consumption (those being almost 0% of my diet and 0% of what I purchase for personal consumption). You may ask, where do you get enough protein? or why almost 0%?.

Well, people have different needs but as it turns out I had a gross misconception of my needs. Plants have a lot of protein, enough, in fact, to warrant limiting your animal protein consumption to zero or almost zero. I have only recently adopted this lifestyle fully. I am still navigating what I am willing to compromise on or not. As a chef, I want to appeal to a range of dietary wants and needs and I am able to do a range of dishes that also include animal products. I want my main focus to be plant based foods but I also understand that the people who eat this way are very few, still. I am working on defining parameters and boundaries for my personal consumption. Hence almost 0%. If I work for a restaurant where I need to taste something, I will. If a client requests animal based ingredients, I can make them. 

Some of you out there must struggle with these situations. One thing I am against is ultra processed food that fits into the vegan spectrum but masquerades as something meat-like e.g. "chick'n wings". To me this kind of thing is worse for your body than an actual chicken wing. Vegans, vegetarians, those living a plant based lifestyle, how do you navigate these things in your life? What do you do in social situations or if you are traveling to be nourished without incorporating animal sources? E-mail your responses to radlarder@gmail.com and I will include and continue discussions surrounding this topic in my blog. 

Look for the following symbols in the recipes on the site. These are my definitions and what I commonly associate the following to mean:
V-Vegan, no animal products used
RV-Raw Vegan, the food has never been above 105 degrees Fahrenheit and contains no animal products
GF-Gluten Free, there were no gluten containing items used in the production of the item
veg-Vegetarian, does not contain meat
VF-Vegan Friendly (one modification will make the dish vegan, such as excluding cheese or subbing in a vegan alternative cheese)







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