Sprouted Oat and Legume Press V, GF

A leftover feast! sprouted legume patty, kale salad with whole orange dressing, "umami mac", cranberry sauce, and radish slaw. 

A leftover feast! sprouted legume patty, kale salad with whole orange dressing, "umami mac", cranberry sauce, and radish slaw. 

Sprouting something doesn't mean you have to see sprouts. Soaking your beans, nuts, legumes overnight begins the sprouting process and allows the nutrients to be more available to your body. In this recipe I took the legumes to the growing sprouts phase because they are barely cooked and are easier to chew when fully sprouted. I call it a "press" because you could make it into any shape you want. I made a loaf as well as the patties you will see pictured here but you could also mold it into a muffin tin or other shaped tin. You could roast it and dry it out a bit and keep it ground to sprinkle over rice, pasta, potatoes...sky's the limit. Below you will find a solid formula to create your own mixture. The list is definitely not exhaustive. If you have some great ideas, send 'em my way! This recipe is a bit labor intensive. I recommend making as many as you can and freezing what you don't eat for a super quick protein boost another time. 


1-2 quart containers for sprouting
large skillet--cast iron preferred
loaf pan, baking sheet, or other vessel for molded press


1.6c dry black chickpeas (other chickpeas, organic soy beans, mung beans or other beans work)
1.5c dry beluga lentils (use any other whole dry lentil)
vegetable oil
1 onion, diced
2 very soft fuyu persimmons (squeezed out of their skins until just the flesh remains)
2 medium baking potatoes (baked at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes to an hour) 
1# button or cremini mushrooms, chopped
1c dry hulled oats (rolled oats, cooked quinoa, cooked wheat berries or other grains would also work here. Try toasting the oats for a nuttier flavor.)
add ins of your choice (grated raw beet, finely chopped kale, grated carrot, etc)
1/2c fresh chopped herbs (I used parsley, do what feels right or what you have on hand)
Spices: I used French curry powder, cayenne, cumin, clove, cinnamon, crushed black pepper, dried thyme and sumac. You could make it Italian with dried oregano, thyme, fennel seed, red pepper flakes..whatever floats your boat.  
kosher salt


Sprout the lentils and chick peas in separate 1-2 quart containers by covering with plenty of water and refrigerating overnight. The next day, drain the water and rinse the beans well getting as much water as possible out of the container. Put the cover of the container on loosely and set in a sunny window over night. Rinse each day for up to 3 days. You will see most of the seeds sprout by this time. 

Heat your skillet to medium with a little oil (about 2tsp). add the diced onion and cook until softened and translucent (about 3-5 minutes). Remove from the skillet, add them to the large mixing bowl, and turn up the heat to medium high/high heat. Get the pan pretty rippin' hot, add a bit more oil and then add your chopped mushrooms sautéing until brown. If the heat is too low here or you overload the pan, the mushrooms will begin to leech their liquid which you don't want. You just want some color. Season with a bit of salt and remove to the large bowl. Bring the heat back up. Add the lentils and toast until a nutty aroma is detected. Add 3 tablespoons of water. Once that evaporates, remove the lentils to the large bowl. Do the same process with the chickpeas. Peel the potatoes and add the flesh to the bowl. Add the persimmons to the bowl.

Now is the time to add mix-ins, grains, spices and salt. Taste as you go and adjust as necessary. You might consider a small amount of vinegar or some dried fruit at this point for some nuance. I added a few fresh cranberries I had on hand which added a fruity tartness. 

Once you mix enough, the ingredients will begin to bind together. Mold into desired shapes or form patties or balls. Refrigerate or freeze for later. When you are ready to cook, Stick them in the oven for 15-40 minutes depending on shape at 350-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

BONUS (the other stuff in the picture)

julienne radishes and sprinkle some sprouted lentils, a bit of salt, vegan mayo (or yogurt if you eat dairy), a sprinkle of cayenne and some Sriracha as a topper or side

make a kale and parsley salad with a whole orange dressing (1/2 whole orange, seeded, 2T apple cider vin, 3-5T walnut oil (omega 3s), 1tsp dijon, salt and pepper, 1t maple in a blender until smooth (makes several salads worth)). 

simple cranberry sauce: 1bag cranberries half a seeded orange thinly sliced, 1/3c raw cane sugar, 1/4c water) bring to a boil and simmer until saucy (about 15-20 minutes) best when refrigerated overnight. 

you can make an easy "umami mac" (as a good friend calls it) by taking a sweet potato, some miso paste and nutritional yeast and pureeing that and tossing your cooked noodles in. More specific recipe to follow. 

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