A Spartan’s Baggage


Packing my belongings into a 5’x10’x8’ storage unit is now done. Puppito and my car are with Sean, an ex I used to live with who loves Puppito and will be excited to have him while I am away. All the things I need for the next four months fit into a large back pack. I feel lighter and ready for this adventure.  

For those of you who are reading this and I haven’t had in depth conversations with, I will share a small bit about what I have been doing since March. First, I decided to become a certified yoga instructor which has greatly expanded my knowledge and practice and has opened my mind to some of the more subtle and spiritual elements behind the practice…very powerful stuff. Along with yoga studies I have developed stronger convictions about my business, The Radical Larder, and what it is going to look like down the line. Part of the reason for taking this trip is to further embolden the trajectory of The Radical Larder. Lastly I have been taking strides to live in my truth without regard for the pressures, anxieties, and differences between my truth and the world around me. I have discovered that some of my truths run completely opposite societal norms or expectations and I have grown to accept that, nay embrace it. Many things I perceive society to be about seem unnatural, wrong and sometimes damaging. We all have this one human experience and I think it is a shame to limit that based on perceptions or invisible or unreal pressures. 

I have a lot to do in the coming months and I look at my experience packing up my apartment as a model for these bigger projects I have yet to accomplish. The task can seem daunting at first with lots of anxieties cropping up related to the personal nature of dealing with my stuff. By breaking it down room by room, the job eventually gets done. Any conflict or issues that seem to get in the way are plowed through with the calm diligence of putting one foot in front of the next despite challenges. Sometimes I’ll ask for help and sometimes I am content to get through it on my own. This is the model I will consider during tough times on the road ahead. 

Temporary relief and sometimes propulsion forward comes from consistent dedicated yoga practice incorporating breathing techniques and kriyas (cleansing techniques) as well as chanting which I have taken to recently (more about this later). I will be excited to share all of these things with you as I make my way through some likely challenging and joyful experiences. 

Radical Larder